National Equipment Solutions, LP (NES) offers a variety of Brand Name Top Quality Stationary, Self Contained, Vertical & Apartment Style Compactors to suite your requirements. Our extensive Product Line offers many benefits and advantages. If you are considering Compaction consider the following first;

Why Compaction?

Although the leading motivation for Compaction is economic there are many other factors that influence a Compaction solution.

Economical – Save MoneyD800 Rear Feed Thru Wall Collar I

  • Control Collection Costs
  • Increase Labor Productivity
  • Save on Pest Control Costs
  • Eliminate Employee Pilferage Opportunities

Safety – Reduce Liabilities

  • Reduce Potential Employee Injury’s associated with Lifting – add a cart dumper to your compactor system
  • Prevent Unauthorized Disposal of potentially Hazardous Materials
  • Eliminate Health Concerns & Slip and Fall Accidents associated with Liquid Leakage
  • Reduce Fire and Pavement Damage Liabilities associated with Open Container Services and heavy truck traffic

Space – Saves Real-Estate Outside & Floor Space Inside

  • Reduced Outside Space required for Collection Equipment
  • Eliminate Interior Waste Storage

Corporate Image – Enhanced Aesthetics

  • Clean up Unsightly Enclosures
  • Controls Odor Issues
  • Reduces Potential Windblown Litter
  • Fewer Number of Collection Containers

Exploring Safe Cost Effective Compaction alternatives to traditional trash collection systems? Contact us today for a complimentary evaluation at 610-640-9200 to learn more about the various advantages of owning or renting a compactor at your facility.