Stationary Compactors are bolted to a concrete pad and compact waste into a detachable container at the point of generation. These machines are designed specifically for Dry Waste Applications handling aluminum, corrugated boxes, industrial waste as well as plastics and paper. Stationary compactors are ideal for the following facilities generating 100 cubic yards or more per month such as Large Box Stores, Warehouse Facilities, Distribution Centers, and Office Buildings.

345HD stationary_Compactor_BrownStationary units are offered in a wide range of sizes including but not limited to 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cubic yard sizes. Stationary Compactors are bolted to the concrete and are designed to mate with collection containers 17 to 40 cubic yards. National Equipment Solutions can help you properly size a Stationary Compactor specifically for your Dry Waste needs.

Regardless of your industry or application NES can custom design a complete system solution for your specific Dry Waste Stream compaction needs. We offer Custom Manufacturing, Steel Option Fabrication and Prompt Service to support the sale.

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