National Equipment Solutions offers Full Service Compactor Rentals customized to suit your application.

Why Rent?

  • New or Reconditioned Equipment Customized for your application is a solution providing all the economical benefits while amortizing reduced costs on a monthly basis
  • Eliminate the need for Large Capital Expense
  • Converts Capital Outlay to 100% Tax Deductible Operating Expense
  • Flexibility in choosing or changing Waste Handling Service without being tied into a hauling contract
  • Eliminate unexpected Repairs and Replacement Costs
  • Upgrade Flexibility, Rentals can be traded in
  • Realize the Full Benefit of Compaction and Baler Equipment without owning the Hidden Costs
  • Eliminate the None Value Add Capital Expense, Use your Capital to add customer value to your business
  • Universal Equipment Compatible with all Waste Hauling Equipment

If a Full Service Compactor Rental Plan from NES is the solution to your Compactor needs be prepared to supply the following:

  • Concrete Pad Suitable for the Equipment Being Installed (Contact your NES Representative for exact specifications)
  • Three Phase Electrical Disconnect within 5’ of the Equipment site Installed Prior to Scheduled Equipment Installation (Single Phase options available)
  • Apply for and obtain all required Permits and or insurances prior to Scheduled Installation
  • Complete any and all Physical Site Improvements required for agreed upon Installation

NES Full Service Compactor Rental Plan includes:

  • Professional Site Survey & Waste Handling Assessment
  • Brand Name Top Quality Compactors and Balers
  • Factory Freight
  • Delivery Costs
  • Installation Costs
  • Start Up and Testing
  • Professional Demonstration on “How To” safely operate your new Compactor or Baler
  • All Routine Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

Considering a Tax Deductible Full Service Compactor Rental Program? Contact us today for a complimentary evaluation (610)-640-9200 or click here to request a representative contact you.